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[RS.COM]The Matrix: Path of Neo

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[RS.COM]The Matrix: Path of Neo

Mesaj Scris de CsTiesto la data de Mier Dec 16, 2009 12:25 pm

INFO:- The sound for this game is a mixed bag and the blame on this can be put on the voice actors and here is why. You see since the game uses the cutscenes from the movie, you will hear the Keanu Reeves and other actors voices that you have grown accustomed to hearing. The in-game voices on the other hand are different. While they do a good job of mimicking the real actors, you can definitely tell a difference when the game goes directly from a cutscene into the game with the other actors, this is kind of distracting to hear. The music that the developers put in really fits the theme of the entire franchise, too bad that they didn�t use more of the licensed music from the actual movies. The sound effects are also really good, from the various gunfire to the way something sounds when it is getting destroyed. The Matrix: Path of Neo is rated Teen for blood, suggestive themes, language, and violence. The system requirements are: AMD/Pentium 4 1.8 GHz 512 MB of RAM Windows 2000 , XP OR VISTA 6X DVD-ROM DirectX 9.0c DirectX compatible 3D card 1GB of Hard Disk Keyboard and Mouse. ITS FULL GAME 100% DOWNLOAD LINKS:- Cod:
rapidshare.com SONGOTEN.part01.rar

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